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Bryn Thomas Cranes Concrete Grind and Seal

North West
Bryn Thomas Cranes

The Project Brief

In order to improve the longevity and appearance of a concrete floor, our clients Bryn Thomas Cranes required our concrete grinding and sealing services for a project in the North West. 

We were very happy to take on this project as, like us, Bryn Thomas Cranes are a family-owned business who work in the construction industry, currently ran by three brothers. Whilst they’re based in Flint, North Wales, they also sponsor the Warrington Wolves rugby team, so we were proud to work alongside them for this project due to the local connection. Like DP Diamond Drilling, Bryn Thomas Cranes offer their services in various locations across the country, including: North Wales, Manchester, Durham, Newcastle, Teesside and beyond. 

To improve the quality of the 240m squared concrete slab, we needed to use our metal-bonded diamond concrete grinding tool to clear the surface of any damage, before sealing the floor. When offering our concrete grind and seal service, we always use these specialist tools and techniques to ensure that the floor is looking brand new. 

Concrete Floor Grinding 

Before sealing the concrete with our chemical-resistant polyurethane sealer, it’s important to first grind down the concrete to clear any bumps, marks or imperfections and improve the appearance of the concrete. To do this, we used our Terrco 1000 three phase grinder to grind 2mm - 3mm off the concrete slab, ridding the 20 year old floor of the oil and paint stains which were embedded into it. 

We also made sure to dampen the floor with water as this can reduce the amount of dust and friction produced when concrete grinding, which was key for the safety of our staff and anyone else working on site. 

It’s also important to note that concrete grinding can fix an uneven floor. Aside from being unsafe for those walking, uneven concrete is also more likely to crack as it expands and retracts in changeable weather conditions. If you think you need to level out your concrete floor, get in touch with us for a free site visit and quote.

We offer our commercial floor grinding services across the country, and our domestic services in the North West and East Midlands. So, regardless of whether you’re based in Wigan, Nottingham or even London, we’ve got you covered.

Concrete Floor Sealing

Once the stains, cracks and imperfections damaging the floor were smoothed out using our metal-bonded diamond, it was then time to use our specialist sealant to ensure longevity of the concrete, but also achieve a nice, polished finish for our clients. 

We chose a sealant that would protect the floor for five years, with a specific focus on preventing any oil seeping into the concrete as this was something that had previously damaged the slab. Our client was pleased with the outcome of our work.

Does concrete need to be sealed after grinding?

We would always recommend sealing concrete after grinding it as this can prevent cracking, stains, damage and any other wear and tear. For aesthetic purposes, our specialist sealant also gives concrete a clean, tidy finish that is more attractive than unsealed concrete.

Why choose concrete grinding and sealing?

Our concrete grinding and sealing service is an inexpensive way to improve the appearance and strength of concrete floors, extending their lifespan without needing a full concrete polishing service.

Got a project in mind?

If you’ve got a construction project in mind, we’re an accredited team of concrete specialists with over 50 years of experience. Alongside our concrete grind and seal service, we also offer diamond drilling, wall and floor sawing, Brokk demolition and chimney breast and flue drilling.