Chimney Breast & Flue Drilling | DP Diamond Drilling & Sawing

Need to drill into your chimney breast to fit a flue for a log burner or wood-burning stove? We can help! Commercial & domestic concrete drilling contractors.

How Easy is it to Drill a Chimney to Install a Flue?

It’s actually a bit more difficult than you may think.  To really do a good and precise job without damaging surrounding bricks you need a powerful drill and high-quality drill bit.

Wood stove flue pipes are an important part of any stove installation. Whether you are a builder, a developer or a homeowner doing a bit of DIY, you will appreciate the limited mess, noise and precision hole drilling that we offer.

We ensure safe clearance to any combustible materials when planning and drilling the holes, so a 6-inch Twin Wall pipe will require a hole measuring 320mm across (60mm clearance + 200mm outer diameter of pipe + 60mm clearance).

Drilling into a chimney flue takes skill and experience.  Let us take this task off your hands if you are having a wood-burning stove installed.

Whether you need holes drilling for single-wall flue pipes, twin wall flue pipes, or liner pipes we can assist.

Air vents for a wood-burning stove are not a mandatory requirement.

What happens if you don't have an air vent?

If enough air is not drawn into the property the room will become a vacuum and smoke may decide to exit the stove's air vents to fill that vacuum.

In new build properties, it should not be possible to close this vent and it should be sited in a place where a householder is not tempted to cover it up.

We can also help with drilling an air vent either around the log burner site or elsewhere in the room.

Does my Log Burning stove need a flue?

Most log burners perform better with the help of a flue liner – you will experience fewer issues with drawing, drafts, lighting your fire and keeping a strong, warm fire going.