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Commercial Core Drilling in St Helens

St Helens
M&M Contracting and Ethical Power

The Project Brief

M&M Contracting, commissioned by Ethical Power, led a groundbreaking project in St Helens aimed at establishing a cutting-edge battery storage and metering substation. This project required our commercial core drilling expertise to cut the required holes with precision. 

The primary objective of our work on this project was to create two 160mm core holes, each 3mm deep, into a concrete plinth. These holes were strategically placed to facilitate the seamless passage of power cables for the upcoming battery storage and metering substation. The intricate nature of the drilling work demanded unparalleled precision to ensure the structural integrity of the plinth while accommodating the necessary infrastructure for the project to move forward. 

Commercial Core Drilling

To complete this prestigious project with the necessary precision, our team opted for our specialist core drilling technique to cut through the concrete plinth. 

This technique, often used in construction and renovation projects both commercial and domestic, involves drilling a hole through a solid concrete structure, such as a plinth, using a core drill. A core drill is a state-of-the-art tool that consists of a hollow drill bit with diamond segments on its outer edge. These diamond segments are designed to cut through the tough surface of the concrete.

We began by marking the desired location for the holes, and then securing the core drill in place to ensure stability throughout the drilling process. Once the core drill was then activated, it spun rapidly whilst applying pressure against the tough concrete surface, whilst the diamond segments on the drill bit gradually ground away at it to create the perfectly round hole required. 

Project Requirements

During the project, we had to consider the unique requirements of the job:

Precise Holes

The small diameter and considerable depth of the core holes demanded an unprecedented level of precision to avoid any compromise to the structural integrity of the concrete plinth.

Site Constraints

Working in an operational environment with multiple ongoing construction activities required careful coordination and adherence to strict safety protocols.


The project had a tight schedule due to the interconnected nature of various construction tasks. At DP Diamond Drilling, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and hard work to ensure that delays are avoided. 

Project Solution

To complete the job accurately and efficiently, our team of highly skilled diamond drillers used their finest core drills, specifically tailored for precision work such as this Merseyside-based project. Our team carefully planned the drilling process, taking into account the specific requirements of this commercial job. 

The following steps were taken to ensure that the desired results were achieved:

Advanced Drilling Technology:

Our team utilised cutting-edge drilling technology with variable speed control to ensure accuracy in both the diameter and depth of the core holes.

Expedited Timeline

We implemented a streamlined workflow, optimising drilling processes without compromising precision. Our team worked diligently to meet the project's tight timeline without sacrificing the quality of the work.


Our precision drilling played a pivotal role in the success of the St Helens battery storage project.

Accurate Core Holes

Both 160mm core holes were drilled with unparalleled precision, meeting the exact specifications outlined in the project plan.

Structural Integrity

The concrete plinth maintained its structural integrity, thanks to DP Diamond Drilling's expertise in executing precision drilling without compromising the surrounding structure.

Timely Completion

The drilling activities were completed within the stipulated time frame, contributing to the overall efficiency of the construction project.

Project Outcome

Our contribution to the St Helens battery storage project showcased our commitment to excellence in precision drilling. By overcoming challenges with innovative solutions, our team ensured the successful integration of power cables into the concrete plinth.