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Concrete Track Sawing Project


The project brief

We worked with our client TSL Projects on a job in Stoke-on-Trent to reduce the size of two walls to make them lower than the concrete yard slab. This was so that concrete flush cutting could be used to fill the bay with the existing slab, improving the structural integrity of the area by increasing the longevity of the concrete foundations. To achieve this, we used track sawing methods on the walls to make them smaller than the concrete yard slab, making space for the client to fill. 

We completed this project in just two days of work, which was especially speedy and worked well for the client’s deadline.

Track sawing

For this project, we used our diamond-tipped track saw to cut quickly and accurately through the concrete wall. Usage of the track saw for this project meant that we were able to make precise, measured cuts into the wall with ease. Whilst there are a number of uses for track sawing in jobs both big and small, this is quite commonly used to cut openings for new windows and doors in buildings.  

Some of the benefits of using track sawing include:

  • Able to achieve lengthy, deep cuts that serve a variety of purposes.
  • No-slip tracks, making them safer and more accurate tools for operator use.
  • Smooth cutting for extra precision.
  • Excellent dust collection, is key for the health and safety of the operator as it reduces the number of harmful particles in the area. This is particularly useful when cutting in enclosed spaces.
  • Quick and efficient cutting method. 

Our track sawing service was used on this project to reduce the height of two 25m long walls which were both 200mm thick and then further concrete flush cutting to slice the base section of the wall. This created the bay required by the client as they wanted a space to fill with a concrete slab to improve the durability of the concrete.

To make sure the job ran smoothly, we cut the concrete into 2m pieces so that our machine could easily remove them from the site, minimising the amount of mess produced by our work. The usage of water as a coolant and lubricant for the blade also meant that dust production was kept to a minimum, ideal for keeping the site tidy. 

Health and safety 

Our top priority across all of our projects is the health and safety of our team and our clients, and we were praised by the client for our accuracy during this project. This has been at the forefront of our work throughout our 50+ years of experience in the industry.

So, what did our client think?

Track sawing with diamond-tipped blades is a great way to receive precise, clean cuts through a variety of different tough materials. This is used in both commercial and domestic jobs to create openings for new fittings, reduce wall heights, concrete flushing and more.

Our clients were happy with the fast-paced nature of the work we provided, whilst also maintaining health and safety standards.