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Domestic Track Sawing in Culcheth

Domestic Client

Based in Warrington, Cheshire, but offering our domestic services across the North West and East Midlands, we are always happy to work on local jobs to help members of our community. 

Our domestic client, based in Culcheth, wanted to install a downstairs wet room to make the house more accessible for their partner, who was struggling with MS. 

Due to the layout of this client’s home, installing this new wet room meant half of the concrete garage roof needed to be safely removed from below. It was because of this that various other companies had told our client that the work wasn’t possible - but we were more than happy to assist.

Here at DP Diamond Drilling, we’re a team of concrete professionals with the aim to never let our clients down. We knew how important the installation of this new wet room was for our client and their partner, so we wanted to make sure that we made this as hassle-free as possible and get the job done efficiently so the project could move forward.

Diamond Drilling and Roof sawing:

With the side of the house and the area above the garage already built on, the best way to create more room for the construction of the new wet room was to cut and remove half of the existing garage ceiling. To do this safely, we stitch drilled one side of the area to allow room for the first block of concrete to fall. This was a relatively compact space, so safety was of the utmost importance throughout this project. 

Once this initial stitch drilling was completed, we flush cut against the other walls to separate the roof into 1m x 3m sections that could be safely lifted down. To protect the safety of our team and avoid any injuries, we used a Genie Lift to remove the concrete slabs. 

We enjoyed working on this project as it meant that the team learned the valuable skill of upside down track sawing without compromising on safety.

The benefits of track saws:

We used our diamond-tipped track saws throughout this project as these boast a number of advantages, including being extremely accurate, precise and ideal for use in tight spaces such as this one. 

So, what did the client think?

Our client was very happy with our work on this project as they’d previously been told that the job wasn’t possible by other companies, but they realised that concrete experts such as ourselves are happy to take on complex projects with professionalism and ease. 

Looking for a concrete contractor near you? We’re based in Warrington, Cheshire and offer our domestic services across the North West and East Midlands. And, if you’re based a bit further afield, we offer our commercial services across the country! 

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