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Drilling for Active Air Units in Wales


The Project Brief

For one of our most recent domestic projects, we were asked to drill holes in the brick walls of our client’s homes in North Wales to create space for active air units. 

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals undertook this task with utmost precision and expertise. 

To complete this task, which required drilling through brick, we used our specialist diamond drilling equipment to create perfect holes in our clients’ walls with ease - achieving the desired results with efficiency. 

Drilling through Brick

Whilst diamond drilling is typically associated with drilling through concrete, these innovative tools can use their diamond-tipped drill bits to cut through a wide range of hard masonry materials including asphalt, stone, and - in this case - brick! 

When it comes to drilling through brick, diamond drilling techniques are the way to go. As accredited diamond drilling contractors, we specialise in using diamond-tipped drill bits to cut through tough materials like brick. This method offers several advantages over traditional drilling methods. 

Firstly, diamond drilling is known for being incredibly precise, allowing for clean and accurate holes with minimal damage to the surrounding area - making it an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial projects alike. This is especially important when working with brick, as any cracks or chips can compromise the structural integrity of the material. 

Additionally, diamond drilling is much faster than other methods - saving both clients and contractors time and money. Our diamond-tipped drill bits are extremely durable and can withstand the heat generated by friction during the drilling process, ensuring a longer lifespan and more accurate cuts achieved with efficiency.

So, what did the client think?

By using our specialist diamond drills on the brick walls of our client’s homes, we managed to achieve the necessary results required for the new active air units to be installed quickly, safely and efficiently. 

If you’re looking for domestic diamond drilling contractors near you, look no further than DP Diamond Drilling! Based in Warrington, Cheshire, we’re proud to offer our diamond drilling services across the North West, East Midlands and North Wales. Alternatively, if you’re a site manager or construction contractor seeking assistance with diamond drilling, concrete cutting or Brokk demolition, we offer our commercial services Nationwide. 

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