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Dry Drilling in Nottingham


The Project Brief

TanRo, a reputable construction company based in the Midlands, got in touch with us about a project which required floor hole drilling through reinforced concrete and a tin roof deck. 

Taking place just off the A453 in Nottingham, this project was nearing completion when we were contacted. So, to keep the site clean and tidy, we used our specialist dry drilling equipment to minimise any potential mess on site. 

Floor hole drilling

Our client needed four holes of 107mm diameter and 140mm depth. To achieve this, we used our top-of-the-line WEKA dry motor, alongside JKS specialist dry core bits, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while we drilled through the concrete.

To maintain cleanliness throughout this job, we used our Hilti dry vacuum. Our dedicated team executed the task with precision, meeting our client’s requirements seamlessly. 

How messy is diamond drilling?

Need to drill through concrete, but put off by noise and mess? Diamond drilling is considered to be one of the most efficient and least messy drilling methods, which made it a perfect choice of technique for this project. 

Unlike other drilling techniques, our team of diamond drilling contractors use drill bits that are embedded with industrial-grade diamonds. These diamonds create a clean and precise cut through the concrete without producing excessive dust or debris.

Compared to other methods such as percussion drilling or rotary drilling, diamond drilling generates significantly less mess. The use of diamonds in the drill bits allows for a smoother and more controlled drilling process, resulting in minimal vibrations and reduced dust production

It’s for this reason that we recommend diamond drilling for projects that require precision and tidiness, just like this one.

Diamond drilling contractors in the Midlands

Are you a project or site manager working in the East Midlands, looking for diamond drilling contractors near you? Look no further than DP Diamond Drilling. 

Based in Warrington, we’re proud to offer our commercial concrete drilling and sawing services nationwide, and our domestic services across the North West, East Midlands and North Wales. 

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