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Floor Height Reduction in Oswestry


The project brief

During the build of a new care home in Oswestry, our client Greenchurch noticed that the concrete floor slab was much too high on two of the ground floor rooms, causing issues with the project. It’s for this reason that Greenchurch got in touch with us for our floor sawing expertise to help remove the slabs and get the floor to the correct height. 

Hand sawing

To remove the flooring, we opted to use our hydraulic hand saws. These extremely versatile tools are ideal for cutting through a range of different materials with precision, and they’re ideal for usage in compact spaces where larger, traditional saws may not fit. 

We used these hand saws to cut the concrete slab into smaller, more manageable pieces by reaching depths of 250mm. These pieces could then be easily lifted into the skip to dispose of the materials properly.

Safety whilst sawing

We were pleased to be chosen for this project as our client was planning on using a general labourer and a concrete breaker. This could have taken up to a week to complete the work, and may have proved dangerous for the worker as excessive amounts of harmful dust can be produced through using this method. Concrete breakers can also cause HAVS (hand arm vibrations) which is a common occupational hazard that many suffer with. 

So, what did the client think?

Greenchurch were impressed with our work as we managed to cut and remove the concrete slabs from the two 2.5m x 3m rooms in one day. This was much quicker than the alternative of using a concrete breaker, and achieved the desired results safely and efficiently. 

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