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Floor Sawing in St Helens

St Helens
DT Hughes

The Project Brief

DT Hughes, a local building contractor, required our services for a critical floor sawing project on Prescott Road in St. Helens. 

As this is a busy residential area, we understood the importance of minimising disturbances to traffic flow, local business and a nearby college - so, we worked over the weekend to keep disruptions to a minimum

Floor sawing 

Utilising our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we used the Husqvarna 5000 floor saw to achieve the set depth. Following this, we used the Husqvarna 7000 floor saw to reach the maximum safe cutting depth.

With over 500m of cutting needing to be completed within a tight two-day timeframe, effective coordination between our team of diamond drilling contractors, our client and the traffic management team was crucial. 

The great communication prioritised throughout the project meant that the job ran smoothly with minimal disturbance to residents and businesses alike, allowing the ground workers to excavate ready for the installation of a high-voltage cable leading into a substation. 

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