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Gate Posts in London Drilling Project


The project brief

We were instructed by TSL Projects to assist with their construction of a mega shed in London. Our client needed to install large, heavy gate posts into the concrete flooring at the entrance of the building, so we were contracted for our diamond drilling services to create the required openings to hold them.

To fit the new gate posts, we drilled holes into concrete kerbs and ground slabs near the entrance of the mega shed. Accuracy was required to ensure that the holes would be the correct size without damaging the concrete, thus impacting its ability to hold the weight of the gate posts upon their installation. Even when cutting through a surface as tough as concrete, diamond drilling produces minimal vibrations, which reduces the chance of wear to the material such as chips and cracks. Having cracks in your concrete reduces its ability to absorb stresses and other wear and tear, so it’s very important to use a cutting method that won’t interfere with the rest of the structure.

We completed the project without any issues and left the area clean and tidy ready for the next phase of construction for our client, which is always a top priority for us throughout any job. 

Diamond drilling 

We used diamond drilling to cut 750mm holes through the concrete flooring at the entrance of the structure. Diamond drilling is suitable for cutting through a variety of different hard materials such as brick, stone and reinforced concrete to create spaces suitable for pipes, electrical wires and more. Whilst in this instance we were working with a commercial client, we have also completed a number of domestic jobs both large and small. The usage of diamond drilling for this project created clean and accurate holes, perfect for the requirements of the client.

After drilling the holes to the required size, the waste concrete was then lifted and put into skips using a machine which safely cleared the area with no issues. 

Health and safety

As always, health and safety were key throughout this project. Excellent traffic management on site meant that we could easily bring in our tools and remove the waste with no trouble, and all standard regulations were followed when drilling to make sure that the job ran smoothly. 

The usage of water during and after the drilling process acts as a coolant to avoid excessive friction and overheating, and also reduces the amount of dust produced. When cutting concrete, especially indoors, proper dust management is essential to reduce the number of harmful particles that people working on the site are exposed to. We kept this to a minimum throughout the project by using water and vacuuming techniques to clear the area, leaving it clean and tidy for our client. 

So, what did the client think?

All in all, our client TSL Projects were very happy with the outcome of our work and the cleanliness standards we maintained throughout.