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Lift Shaft Floor Reduction in Lutterworth

Lutterworth, Leicestershire
TSL Projects

The Project Brief

One of our regular clients, TSL Projects, recently got in touch with us as they needed to reduce a lift shaft floor by 20mm at Magna Park South, Lutterworth. 

Floor Height Reduction

To reduce the height of the lift shaft floor by the required 20mm, our team of diamond drilling contractors opted to use a Hilti chaser to cut through the tough surface of the floor with ease. 

We found that our Hilti wall chaser was the ideal choice for the job, as these versatile machines are specially designed to cut precise channels or grooves in various materials, including concrete and masonry. By using the Hilti, our team of concrete drilling contractors managed to safely and efficiently create the necessary channels in the lift shaft floor.

Our Hilti wall chaser features a powerful electric motor and diamond blades that are designed for cutting through hard materials - meaning that the machine could accurately cut into the floor, reducing its height as needed. The dry cutting feature ensures minimal dust and debris, making for a cleaner and safer option compared to traditional methods. 

Our team of diamond core drilling contractors easily created straight and controlled channels in the lift shaft floor, ensuring accuracy and precision in the cutting process. This was particularly important when reducing the height of the lift shaft floor, as any errors or inconsistencies could lead to structural issues or safety concerns. 

Keeping it Clean

Though the Hilti wall chaser tends to produce minimal amounts of dust and debris, after the cutting work was complete, our team used a dry vacuum to collect any remaining dust and debris, keeping the site neat and tidy for the next stage of the construction process. 

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