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Rainwater Pipe Drilling Project


The project brief

Throughout our time as a business, we have worked with TSL Projects several times to assist with various different drilling and cutting jobs that required our service. One of these was the drilling of a 750mm hole in a 350mm reinforced concrete wall in Derby, East Midlands. This hole was then used for a pipe where excess rainwater could flow into the river, minimising flooding in the area. 

This project involved using diamond drilling techniques to efficiently cut the required hole for the client and also proved to be an excellent learning experience for our apprentice. Teaching our apprentice to provide the same reliable, clean service that we are known for is a priority for us, so it was great to give him the opportunity to learn on a project like this. 

Excessive rainwater

The purpose of this project was to ensure that excess rainwater would drain into the river properly to avoid any incidents. Having nowhere for your rainwater to go can cause a multitude of problems such as flooding, drainage system issues and roof damage. To avoid issues such as these, it's essential to have a proper rainwater drainage system. A good drainage system will also promote soil erosion, and property damage and make for a safer environment, so it was very important that this pipe was installed to safely remove excess rainwater from the area.

Reinforced concrete 

We made the required 750mm hole in the reinforced concrete of the wall. The usage of reinforced concrete on this site was particularly effective due to its proximity to the river. Aside from the extreme durability and resistance in high-stress environments, reinforced concrete is also resistant to fire, water and rust, making it the ideal hardy construction material to use. 

Whilst concrete is especially durable, our diamond-tipped drill bits meant that we could drill through the concrete with precision and ease. This was a great opportunity for our apprentice to learn diamond drilling techniques whilst working on a project, as we offer a variety of different concrete cutting and drilling services both commercially and domestic.

Diamond Drilling

The usage of diamond-tipped drill bits was necessary for this project, as it allowed for us to cut the precise, wide holes required for the rainwater pipe to flow into the river. Diamond drilling is also less disruptive to the surrounding environment due to being quieter and tidier than other drilling methods. This service also has less room for error due to the diamond drills being incredibly accurate to your desired cut.

Our drill managed to quickly and safely cut through the reinforced concrete and create the correct size of hole required to fit the pipe. The area of the river, plus the usage of water as a coolant and lubricant, meant that this job was kept looking clean and tidy for the client.

So, what did the client think?

Throughout our work in Derby, we were tidy and reliable and fulfilled the request of the client to a high standard. TSL Projects were very happy with the service that we provided, and it was a great opportunity to get our apprentice driller to learn more about what we do here at DP Diamond Drilling. 

If you’re concerned about excessive rainwater and require drilling or cutting services to improve your drainage system and install piping, get in touch to see how we can help.