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Track Sawing and Brokk Demolition

Dan Cuzner

The Project Brief:

We were approached by our client, Dan Cuzner, to assist with the removal of excess concrete walls as part of an office refurbishment project for solicitors in Wythenshawe. 

The goal of the project was to create more space inside the building by sawing and breaking down the original concrete supporting walls. To achieve this, we utilised track saws to make initial cuts in the concrete walls, which then allowed us to use our Brokk demolition robots to precisely and efficiently remove the excess concrete. 

Our expertise in concrete cutting and demolition allowed us to successfully complete this project and meet our client's requirements. DP Diamond Drilling is proud to have played a crucial role in the office refurbishment project, helping to transform the space into a more functional and spacious environment.

Track Sawing 

To begin the demolition project, we strategically employed our specialist diamond track saws to make an initial release cut at the top of the wall. These cutting-edge tools provide numerous advantages, making them an ideal choice for this task.  

Firstly, they enable precision cutting, ensuring that we achieve the desired results with utmost accuracy. Additionally, these saws are designed to minimise vibrations and noise, ensuring a more comfortable working environment for our team and clients, all whilst producing clean cuts and smooth finishes, enhancing the overall quality of the project. The versatility of our track saws allows us to tackle various types of materials, not limited to concrete alone. This flexibility is crucial in a demolition project where different surfaces may need to be cut through. 

One of the significant advantages of using diamond track saws is their ability to minimise dust generation. Demolition projects often involve creating a considerable amount of dust which can be hazardous to health and hinder visibility. By using these specialist saws, we can significantly reduce the amount of dust generated during the cutting process, ensuring a safer and cleaner working environment for our team and clients. 

By starting with this initial release cut using our diamond track saws, this project was made much easier for our team as we could then use our Brokk demolition robots to complete the wall removal easily, without compromising on the quality and precision of the work.

Brokk Demolition

​​Our client had a tight deadline to demolish these additional walls in order to progress with their project. We immediately assessed the situation and determined that using the Brokk demolition method would be the most efficient and effective solution. 

After completing the track sawing of the concrete walls, we knew that knocking down the heavily reinforced concrete wall on the ground floor of the building would require the power and precision of the Brokk 110 robot. This advanced piece of machinery was able to handle the task with ease, efficiently demolishing the wall and clearing the way for further progress.

When it came to knocking down walls on the first floor, we encountered a logistical challenge. The Brokk 110 was too large to fit in the lift, and the stair access was too tight. In such situations, adaptability is key. We quickly switched gears and decided to utilise the Brokk 60, a smaller but equally powerful machine, to complete the demolition on the first floor. This allowed us to continue the project without any delays or compromises in quality and safety, which we pride ourselves on. 

Throughout the process, our primary focus was on meeting our clients' needs and surpassing their expectations. We understood the urgency of their situation and worked diligently to deliver results within their short time frame. Our expertise in Brokk demolition allowed us to efficiently and safely demolish the additional walls, ensuring that the project could move forward as planned.

So, what did the client think?

Our client was highly satisfied with our services. They were impressed with our ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges and overcome obstacles without compromising on quality or efficiency. The successful completion of this project reinforced our reputation as a reliable and trusted provider of Brokk demolition services in the North West and beyond. 

At DP Diamond Drilling, we take pride in our ability to tackle complex demolition projects using innovative methods and cutting-edge technology. Whether it's knocking down heavily reinforced concrete walls, track sawing, diamond drilling or floor sawing, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to get the job done right.

Our clients can trust us to deliver exceptional results while adhering to strict safety standards and timelines, and we’re pleased to offer our commercial services for projects across the country. 

Got a construction project in mind? We’re here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about our wide range of concrete cutting and drilling services.