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TSL Magna Park Diamond Drilling & Floor Sawing

Lutterworth, Leicestershire
TSL Projects

The Project Brief

To assist with the construction of Magna Park, our clients TSL Projects required our expertise to fit a shower tray and drainage trench into a concrete floor. 

Set across 550 acres and located in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, Magna Park is set to be one of the biggest industrial parks in Europe. With eight large sheds already built and four more to come in 2023, we’re very proud to be working alongside TSL Projects on their internal fit outs as the park continues to grow. 

For this project, our client required our diamond drilling and floor sawing skills to make the required cuts into the concrete floor of the industrial-sized shed. This required extreme precision and drilling perfect holes in the tough material of the floor to create space suitable for the fitting of the new shower tray and drainage trench. In line with our usual service, safety and cleanliness were of the utmost importance whilst we were working on this project, as one of the sheds on site was already occupied by a client. 

Why choose diamond drilling? 

Diamond drilling was the ideal solution for this project, as diamonds are the hardest natural resource available - meaning that they can cut through all manner of tough masonry materials such as concrete, brick, stone and asphalt. Our state-of-the-art diamond drilling equipment allowed us to drill holes in the concrete floor with ease and precision, working efficiently for our clients. 

Floor sawing: Cutting through concrete slabs with ease 

To complete this project, we also used our specialist concrete floor saws to make space for the shower tray and drainage trench. Similar to our diamond drilling equipment, these incredibly powerful tools also use diamond-tipped blades to cut through tough materials - making them ideal for construction jobs both small and large. 

Cleanliness is key

Due to this being a finished building with a client occupying one of the sheds, cleanliness throughout the project was absolutely essential. Fortunately, our usage of water throughout the drilling and sawing processes kept dust to a minimum, and our team was hard at work to clear any slurry as soon as it was created. 

So, what did our client think?

Having worked with our clients TSL Projects several times, we were pleased that they were extremely happy with our work - especially with our dedication to cleanliness throughout the project. 

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