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TSL SmartParc Sawing


The project brief

We were instructed by our clients TSL Projects to assist with the construction of a brand-new, government funded industrial park in Spondon, Derby known as SmartParc. SmartParc is set to transform a former chemical plant site into a low-carbon, eco-friendly industrial estate that will manufacture sustainable food. Innovative, sustainable facilities such as this one are the future of construction, so this was a particularly exciting project that we were keen to work on. 

For this project, TSL had an urgent issue whereby they needed to fit a trough urgently, so when we received the call we immediately travelled from our base in the North West down to the Midlands to offer our wall and wire saw services. This meant that TSL could fit the trough in the ground as soon as our work was finished, avoiding any emergencies on the construction site.

Concrete Sawing

To make the required room for the trough to be fitted, we offered our wire and wall saw services to make cuts of up to 400mm in depth. Through the usage of diamond-tipped blades, all of the wall and floor sawing equipment that we use is capable of cutting through a range of tough materials such as concrete, stone, brick, asphalt and metal safely and accurately.

Creating precise cuts is our priority, so we began by making pre-cuts and hand sawing the trough in half with a hydraulic ring saw. Once this initial step was completed, we then used our chainsaw to finish this drilling project and achieve the desired results for our client.

So, what did the client think?

As this was an emergency situation on-site that required our immediate attention, TSL Projects were pleased with our professionalism and sense of urgency to get the job done in a timely manner. Using our state-of-the-art sawing tools meant that we could create a perfect cut ideal for the trough, which the ground workers managed to fit on the same day.