Commercial Concrete Floor Grinding

What is Concrete Floor Grinding & Sealing?

Our concrete floor grinding services use a metal-bonded diamond which mechanically polished concrete floors.  We follow this process with a specialist sealant.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. The process involves grinding away the damaged, marked or broken concrete to reveal a smooth under-layer which is then sealed for longevity and aesthetics.

Grind and seal floors have a chemical-resistant polyurethane sealer, allowing the floor to easily be cleaned away of stains that could typically cause permanent damage to other flooring systems. Grind and seal floors help protect against grease, oil spills, stains, and animal urine.  Not every concrete floor is suited for polishing though, so make use of our free site survey to find out more.

Grind & Seal is an economical and effective method for strengthening and beautifying concrete floors in homes, garages, retail stores, showrooms, manufacturing plants, and institutional facilities.

Why use Concrete Floor Grinding for your project?

Diamond Floor grinding removes all imperfections, inconsistencies and damage in the concrete, resulting in a smooth and usable surface which can then be sealed. Old and damaged concrete surfaces can be restored and used for years and years to come.  Ideal for large renovation projects, modern residential developments and much more.