Commercial Concrete Sawing

What is Concrete Sawing?

Diamond sawing or ‘road sawing’, is carried out using a self-propelled mobile saw. These saws can cut up to 700mm deep in reinforced concrete and asphalt roads.

Much of the floor sawing work carried out is when precision is of paramount importance such as dealing with large-scale structures or when creating control joints to help control cracking due to shrinkage.

Concrete saws must be capable of cutting through concrete and metal reinforcing bars, or rebar, inside. Our state-of-the-art power tools cut through concrete and other masonry material in a safe and fast way operated by trained and accredited experts.

Floor sawing is used for many things, including expansion joints, cutting trenches for pipework and demolition.  The machine spins a diamond-tipped blade to cut straight lines in concrete slabs or asphalt roads.

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Why use Concrete Sawing for your Project?

Concrete drilling and sawing are ideal for any scale of commercial construction project and concrete sawing can be used to prevent random cracks before major defects in structures start to occur.