Commercial Remote Controlled Specialists Brokk Demolition

What is Brokk Robotic Demolition?

You may be used to seeing a large wrecking ball demolishing buildings in years gone by. Although there are various alternatives to Brokk demolition, such as high-reach demolition excavators and hammer drills, these types of machinery are large, heavy and require a strict operation. Brokk demolition is the new kid on the machinery block – it eliminates all of these negative factors.

We are Brokk demolition experts in the North West and Nationwide.  We use state-of-the-art remote-controlled robots to demolish or maintain buildings and structures.  Whether the project is construction based, nuclear or underground our Brokk demolition equipment makes for an effective and versatile solution.

Intelligent demolition is something we pride ourselves on.  With over 50 years of drilling and sawing experience, we now undertake large demolition projects as well.

Why use Brokk Demolition for your project?

It's concrete demolition of the safest kind plus it's better for the environment with no exhaust fumes, less noise and less maintenance. Rather than risking team members, we send remotely operated Brokk robots in to carry out your demolitions and concrete removal.  

Our specialist Brokk machinery is compact and manoeuvrable and can access narrow spaces. Is access too tight? Don’t worry we have rubber tracks so we can even drive them up the stairs!