5 Reasons To Use Brokk Demolition

July 26, 2022

What is Brokk Demolition?


Brokk demolition robots are compact, incredibly powerful machines that have revolutionised the construction industry. These robots feature a variety of end-of-arm tools such as buckets, crushers, breakers and drills, all of which can cut through and demolish structures of all different sizes with ease. Whether you’re looking to knock through a small area of a structure, or completely demolish a building at the end of its lifespan, Brokk demolition robots provide a service that’s both safe and efficient. 

How does Brokk Demolition help commercial diamond drilling services?

Here at DP Diamond Drilling, our services involve cutting and drilling through tough materials such as concrete, brick and different types of tough stone, meaning that we often use Brokk demolition tools to help shift the large amounts of heavy construction debris produced by our work. Brokk demolition is often required on our larger jobs, where there’s likely to be masses of excess material that we need to remove quickly such as Our Work At Old Trafford.

Whilst their primary function is the demolition of unwanted materials or structures, these robots are also useful for piling when one of the breaker attachments is installed. Piling involves adding further foundations to soil with inadequate bearing capacity and can improve the foundations for the construction or renovation of buildings. This is common in cities that still have their original timber piling that needs replacing due to oxygen exposure rotting. 

It’s undeniable that the new tools and technologies available on the market are helping the construction industry to move forward, but what exactly are the advantages of using these robots? Let’s take a look at the five reasons we’d recommend using Brokk demolition. 

#1 Safe operation

Prior to advancements in construction technology, demolition was a dangerous job for the workers involved. With the risks of falling debris, high noise levels, increased amounts of vibrations and masses of dust produced, knocking down walls and structures is still hazardous work. Whilst this blog post summarises a variety of different reasons to try Brokk demolition, ultimately the most important one is that they make demolition much safer for construction workers.

The remote control function of these robots means that the operator is kept at a safe distance from any falling objects and harmful vibrations. The whole-body vibrations that can occur during demolition can pose a number of health issues such as serious back problems, motion sickness, vision and balance impairment and heart conditions, so it’s particularly important that workers are kept at a safe distance where possible. The distance when operating also means less exposure to the harmful dust produced when cutting through tough materials such as concrete, which can contain toxic crystalline silica particles that are extremely damaging to the lungs. 

Using the remote control function also means that the operator has a better view of the area and the machine during usage, reducing the risk of accidents due to a limited view whilst driving the machine. 

Finally, the load balancing outriggers and unique track design of Brokk demolition robots mean that they are more stable than other alternatives, so heavy tools can be used without concern of the machine losing balance and causing issues or injury.

#2 Easing the workload

Working in construction can be extremely labour intensive, especially when working with heavy materials such as concrete, brick or stone. This can prove to be quite strenuous work, especially when completing a large cutting or drilling project that will have a lot of excess material to move. Rather than spending the time and effort to move these, the various tools of the Brokk robots can assist with clearing the area of the rubble and debris the cutting job has produced. 

#3 Packs a punch 

Their years of research and development into the needs of the construction industry means that Brokk’s machinery is incredibly powerful, efficient and safe to use. Despite their compact size, the power of these robots shouldn’t be underestimated, as they can actually outperform similar machines that are five times their size, making them suitable for demolition jobs both large and small.

Another impressive advantage to using Brokk robots is that the functionality can also be increased through the addition of extra tools, making them capable of more than just demolition. These include: buckets for collecting and sorting materials, drills, splitters, breakers, grapples and saws, and the patented quick-switch function makes swapping between them nice and simple. All of these are helpful additions that can help reduce the amount of manpower needed for a job, so it’s a valuable investment in the long term. 

Furthermore, if you’ve got a job that requires reaching different heights and awkward positions, the three-arm system has extensive reach and power capabilities that can complete even the toughest jobs with ease, working efficiently for extreme precision and accuracy. 

#4 Compact size 

As we mentioned earlier, the size of Brokk Demolition robots does not stop them from being incredibly powerful machines that can suit a wide range of jobs. Being smaller in size means that they’re easier for the operator to manoeuvre, limiting the risk of injuries and accidents on site. With so many demolition jobs starting inside structures, the size is also beneficial for getting through narrow spaces, whilst the three-arm feature is perfect for those even harder-to-reach spots that would be risky for a human to enter. The advances in their machinery also mean that they are able to climb stairs, making movement through buildings even easier.  

Something we find particularly advantageous, however, is how easy to transport these machines are. We might find ourselves completing a large job in London one day, and then need to be back in Manchester with all of the same tools and equipment the next day. The convenient size of our Brokk Demolition robot means that we can easily transport the machine between jobs with no hassle, making them the ideal solution for construction companies working all across the U.K. like us. 

#5 Heat resistant, low fumes, low noise

Construction can be risky work, especially when there’s a risk of tools becoming overheated from friction. Throughout all of our diamond-tipped drilling and cutting work, water is used as a coolant to prevent any overheating, but it’s a priority for us that any demolition we do is also protected from this risk. All the components of Brokk demolition robots are heat and impact protected, ensuring safety for the operator and the surrounding environment. 

Our final reason for recommending Brokk demolition tools is the reduced amount of negative output into the surrounding environment. Being electrically powered means that no harmful exhaust fumes are released into the air, less maintenance is required and they’re quieter than other alternatives available on the market. 

Why Use Brokk Demolition?

There are a number of benefits to using Brokk Demolition robots, but ultimately we feel that the compact size and the extensive safety features are a real selling point for us here at DP Diamond Drilling. The ease of transporting such a powerful machine is extremely useful when we’ve got jobs across the U.K., whilst having great safety features is a no-brainer for us.