Diamond Track Sawing | Top Benefits of Using Diamond Track Sawing

February 22, 2023

What is diamond track sawing?

If you’re hoping to make perfect cuts in your walls or floor, chances are you’ve come across something called diamond track sawing. Diamond track sawing differs from regular sawing methods as the blades are tipped with diamonds, meaning that they can cut through a wide range of building materials such as concrete, asphalt, stone, granite, slate and even marble. Even though your standard saw won’t be able to cut through traditional masonry materials, contractors offering services with diamond tools will make your concrete cutting project seem like a breeze. 

Based in Warrington, North West but happy to travel nationwide, our team has over 50 years of experience in cutting, sawing and drilling concrete on jobs both large and small. Whether you have a long-term commercial project in mind or you’re planning something domestic, we’re a team of concrete experts that you can trust to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

Whilst we’ve used our diamond track saws on a range of different jobs such as our work on Old Trafford in Manchester, we typically tend to use these specialist tools to reduce the height of walls or floors. Our knowledge came in particularly handy when we worked on an urgent expansion cutting project on a brand-new warehouse in the Midlands. 

But what exactly are some of the benefits of using diamond track sawing on your construction project? If you’ve got a job that requires wall or floor height reduction or expansion cutting, read on to learn a bit more about how diamond-tipped tools are the best choice for concrete and masonry cutting. 

#1 Strength 

First up - the strength of the tools. Though this may seem like an obvious one, this is an extremely important element of the diamond track saw that enables it to make precise cuts on incredibly tough surfaces. 

This is because diamonds are the hardest resource available, meaning that when these gems are added to the tip of a saw’s blade, this then enables the saw to cut through a range of materials that metal blades alone would not manage.

Wondering what other tools diamonds can be used on? We also use diamond-tipped drill bits for a range of projects - from smaller jobs such as drilling for ventilation holes and tumble driers, to large-scale projects such as borehole and well drilling. 

#2 They can cut through a range of different surfaces 

Concrete, brick, metal, stone… The list goes on. And diamond-tipped tools can cut through all of them with ease due to the hard-wearing, tough nature of the tools. This means that we can take on a range of projects of all different scales, knowing that our expert tools will always be right for the job. 

#3 Accuracy 

Having messy, wonky cuts in your wall and floor is never a good idea aesthetically or structurally. Our diamond track saws achieve the perfect cut first time as they are incredibly strong and precise, meaning that further cuts aren’t required. So, if you’re looking to cut straight lines in your wall or floor, we’d always recommend getting in touch with a diamond drilling and sawing contractor. 

Not sure if there are any suitable contractors near you? From our base in the North West all the way down to London, we’re happy to travel for our commercial clients - and we’ll always prioritise providing a safe service with minimal disruption. 

#4 Easily transportable 

Unsure how to saw into an area that’s difficult to access? Awkwardly shaped rooms and buildings can be a pain for some sawing projects, but another benefit of diamond track saws is that they can work easily in tight spaces. 

They’re also easily transportable - meaning that whether we’ve got a job up in Wigan or down in Stoke-on-Trent, we can always get our tools down to the site and set up with ease. 

#5 Minimal noise

Planning a construction job, but dreading the thought of noise? Anyone familiar with traditional saws will know that they can be extremely messy and disruptive, which can be off-putting for some. However, due to the extreme strength of the diamond-tipped blades we work with, our diamond track saws make minimal amounts of noise - which is better for our team, people living in the surrounding areas and wildlife too. 

#6 Minimal dust

Similar to excessive amounts of noise, dust can also prove to be quite irritating and disruptive. Alongside this, dust from masonry materials such as concrete can also be very harmful to humans as it contains crystalline silica which can cause lung damage. 

It’s for this reason that using diamond-tipped tools such as our diamond track saw is so important - these specialist tools reduce minimal amounts of dust and often have a built-in dust collector. 

Worried about harmful dust on your construction site? Fear not, all experienced diamond drilling and sawing contractors will wear the correct respiratory equipment.

#7 Less wear and tear to the tool

When used correctly, diamond track saws are suitable for a range of jobs and will see less wear and tear than traditional saws. 

The best way to maintain the longevity of diamond track saws is by using water as a coolant and lubricant to avoid excessive amounts of friction that can damage the blade. Using water whilst sawing or drilling with diamonds can also further reduce the amount of dust produced, making it an essential part of the process.

#8 Versatile for a range of jobs

No matter the size of the job or the masonry material you’re looking to cut through, diamond track saws are incredibly versatile. We’ve used our specialist track saw to take on a wide range of jobs from expansion cutting to wall and floor height reduction. We’ve even cut into a suspended concrete slab to make room for an upstairs seating area in a local restaurant! 

#9 Safety

These specialist tools will always need to be operated by a professional. But, you can be assured that by choosing an accredited concrete specialist such as ourselves, you’re choosing the safest option for your construction project. 

Our team will always put safety first, and take immense pride in achieving accurate results. 

Got a project in mind?

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