DP Diamond Drilling: Keeping it in the Family!

September 8, 2022

Family Owned Business

Many family businesses have enjoyed success for decades, even centuries! The teams with the best track records have great owners at the helm.  Here at DP Diamond Drilling & Sawing, we are proud to say we believe we are one such great company.

Founded in 1992 by our amazing dad Peter Clements, he started the business as a way to provide for his family using the skills he had learnt in the drilling profession.

Peter took so much pride in outstanding customer satisfaction. Second to none for reliability and cleanliness, Peter and his team at the time were known to his customers as a hard-working team that would never let you down.

DP Diamond worked all over the country and Peters's reputation took him on contracts as far away as Italy, Luxembourg and Belgium.  He was a bit of a globe trotter when it came to drilling!  Behind the scenes doing all the admin was Peters's amazing wife, Denise, proving that this was indeed a true family effort.

In a family-run drilling business, finding a successor to the CEO is no less complicated than in a public company. The transition from dad to the son or son’s plural in this case just made perfect sense.

The Boys Stepped Up

Ben and Joe, Peters's Sons are now following in Dad Peter's footsteps. They are taking the company forward, keeping up to date with progress whilst still maintaining an excellent reputation for reliability and care. 

Ben and Joe have brought much knowledge of drilling to the family table and added a wide range of commercial drilling knowledge to this great business.  Several years of experience have been amassed by commercially drilling in Australia. Both men are striving to build the company set up by their father and continue to excel in all aspects of the business.

With exciting and large scale drilling projects under their belts such as Old Trafford it's easy to see why this business is going from strength to strength.

With over 50 years of experience, this family-run business is motivated to provide commercial and domestic customers with the best possible service from our base in Warrington, offering a nationwide service. 

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