How to Cut Into a Concrete Floor Slab

August 10, 2023

Can you cut a concrete floor slab?

Being an incredibly tough masonry material, it may be hard to believe that concrete can be cut through with ease, precision and accuracy. However, with the help of diamond-tipped, self-propelled mobile saws, this task becomes surprisingly doable. These specialist tools are designed to ensure precision and efficiency, spinning a diamond-tipped blade at high speed to create impeccably straight lines in concrete slabs or asphalt roads. You might be surprised at the power and precision these saws offer, making even the toughest concrete floor slabs manageable. The diamond-tipped blades cut through any concrete with ease, leaving smooth, clean lines. The self-propelled mobile nature of these saws also adds an extra layer of convenience, as they can move freely and easily, reducing the physical strain on the operator.

To ensure safe operation of these specialist tools, it's best to contact a local diamond drilling and sawing contractor such as ourselves to get the job done without issue. We offer our domestic sawing services across the North West and East Midlands, and our commercial services nationwide. 

What is floor sawing used for?

Commercial concrete floor sawing is used for a wide range of projects, including: expansion cutting, trench cutting for electrical installation, trench cutting for plumbing installation, demolition and roadworks. 

Floor sawing for expansion cutting in concrete

Cracks in concrete flooring are, unfortunately, an issue for many people. They often occur due to fluctuating weather conditions and shifting of the base material, compromising the integrity and aesthetics of your concrete floor slabs. A proactive solution to prevent this issue is expansion cutting. This method is not just effective, but it also gives your concrete an extended life and keeps it looking new for a longer span. 

Diamond drilling specialists such as ourselves can complete concrete expansion cutting precisely and accurately, and once the job's done, you don't have to worry about cracks impacting the structural integrity of your building or floor. With our expertise and knowledge, we use our diamond-tipped track saws to make relief cuts in the concrete at the optimal time after it's been laid. This is typically when the concrete is tough enough to stand firm against the cutting motion, but not so old that it has already suffered internal cracking. These strategically placed relief cuts allow the concrete to expand and contract without cracking, providing a seamless finish that withstands the test of time and weather. Worried about your concrete floor cracking? Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you to achieve durable and crack-free flooring.

Trench cutting for electrical installation 

If you’re looking to install electrical wires or boxes in your floor, it’s likely that you’ll need to create a trench in the concrete. This can be easily achieved by using a hand or track saw to cut through the floor in the desired area, before removing the excess concrete with a breaker. 

Considering installing electrical wires or boxes in your concrete floor? With a specialist diamond drilling contractor and the right tools, the job will be achieved quickly and simply, with little to no disruption. The first step of trench cutting involves using a concrete saw to cut through the slab exactly where you’d like your wires or boxes to go. We find that many of our clients are amazed at how easily our high-quality concrete saws can slice through even the toughest materials. 

Once the slab has been sawed into, the excess concrete can be effortlessly removed with a concrete breaker, leaving you with a clean, precise trench ready for your electrical installation. 

Concrete floor sawing

Trench cutting for plumbing installation

As with electrical installation, we have seen a rise in trench cutting for plumbing installation. Whether you’re looking to move your washing machine, add a new sink or you need to make room for extra drainage, concrete trench cutting is the way to go about it.

Concrete sawing for demolition

Concrete floor slab sawing is also commonly used in demolition. Damaged or cracked concrete doesn't just detract from the visual appeal of your property, but it can also compromise its structural integrity. Therefore, removing flawed concrete is not just an option, but a necessity. It ensures that your floor remains level, reducing the risk of trips and falls, and keeps the overall structure of your property sound. 

What's more, concrete floor sawing can provide opportunities for renovation. If you're considering adding new features to your property like a staircase or lift, concrete may need to be removed from floor slabs. This process allows you to remodel or redesign your space to best suit your needs and preferences. 

Road sawing

Floor saws play an integral role in road construction and maintenance, often being the tool of choice to facilitate the installation of utilities. These utilities, which include water pipes, gas lines, or electrical conduits, are typically placed beneath the road surface. The precision of floor saws is crucial in these operations as it allows for accurate cuts and proper placement of utilities without causing damage to the existing infrastructure. The precision and power of floor saws enables them to cut through robust materials efficiently, significantly boosting productivity while minimising the risk of structural damage. 

Which tools are best for cutting through concrete floor slabs?

The process of cutting through concrete floor slabs demands the use of proficient tools for optimal results. Undeniably, the most effective tools for this task are saws equipped with diamond-tipped blades. These saws, ranging from hydraulic hand saws to road saws and track saws, are specialist concrete saws capable of slicing through masonry materials effortlessly. The selection of the appropriate saw is contingent on the size and requirements of the job. This range of tools delivers precision and efficiency, making them the ideal choice for concrete cutting applications.

Here at DP Diamond Drilling, we offer free site visits and quotes so that we can understand your unique requirements, and use the most suitable tools for the job.

What are the advantages of concrete sawing?

Concrete sawing has a number of advantages. Fast, precise, efficient, cost-effective, and offering straight lines and perfect corners, this accurate method is less disruptive and causes less mess than other methods.

Concrete sawing boasts multiple advantages that make it an appealing choice for many construction and renovation projects. Renowned for its speed, precision, and efficiency, concrete sawing provides the utmost accuracy in creating straight lines and perfect corners. Its cost-effectiveness further enhances its appeal. Unlike other methods, diamond track saws are much less disruptive, significantly reducing the amount of noise and mess created during the process. Therefore, concrete sawing stands as a superior method, ensuring streamlined operations and providing excellent results in a time-efficient and economical manner.

Does your concrete floor slab need sawing? Get in touch with us to discuss your project, and find out more about how we can improve the lifespan of your concrete floor.