How to Hide your TV Wires with Diamond Drilling

September 12, 2023

There’s no doubt about it - wall mounted televisions are a sleek, modern addition to any living room or bedroom. When done correctly, wall-mounted TVs can elevate the interior appeal of your home and look nice, neat and tidy. However, there’s one element that stands in many people’s way when it comes to wall-mounted electrical items - wires. 

Yes, the sight of hanging wires can indeed mar the aesthetic appeal of your well-thought-out interior design. But don't fret, there's a perfect solution to it - wall hole drilling. This technique helps to create a concealed passage for your television wires, keeping them out of sight and offering you a clean, wire-free wall. When it comes to drilling holes in your wall, it's crucial to opt for a method that's safe, efficient and precise. 

That's where diamond drilling comes into play. Diamond drilling is a cutting-edge technology that ensures precision and neatness while making holes. It offers the perfect solution to hide those unsightly wires by creating a small, clean-cut hole through your wall for the cables to pass through. The hole is just the right size to accommodate your wires without causing any damage to your wall. 

So, don't let the issue of wires deter you from enjoying the sleek look of a wall-mounted TV - we’re here with our step-by-step guide to diamond wall hole drilling to maintain the elegance and tidiness of your room. It's a quick, simple, and effective solution to keep your living room looking just how you want it to be - sophisticated and wire-free! 

However, if you’re feeling unsure or don’t feel that you have the correct equipment to drill into your wall, we’d urge you to get in touch with a diamond drilling contractor near you to get the job done with no hassle and minimal disruption.

Step One: Choose the Placement of your Television

First up, choosing the perfect spot for your TV. Whilst it can be tempting to put your TV in the most aesthetically pleasing location on your wall - there are a few factors to consider. These include needing a power outlet close by, and for the space you’re planning to hang your TV to have no wall studs. Wall studs, which are vertical posts, play a significant role in maintaining a building's structural integrity. 

To ensure you're not drilling into these, it's best to use a stud finder. These handy devices utilise magnets or electricity to identify where the studs are located in the wall, indicating that the area is safe for drilling and sawing. If you're opting for diamond drilling or wall hole drilling, this step is crucial to ensure a smooth and safe installation. Of course, you could also try tapping the wall to find areas that sound less hollow, though this method may not be as reliable. 

Once you’ve chosen the place you’d like to hang your television, you will then need to mark the area where you’re planning to drill your hole for your wire exit point. This should be in a location below the television hanging bracket, in a space where the television will conceal it.

Step Two: Mark your Wire Entry Point

So, you’ve planned where you’d like your television to hang, and marked an area for drilling a wire exit point. Now, it’s time to map out your wire entry point near to the power outlet, and check that your wires will reach from your television, through the wall, to the outlet. This is an essential step, as you don’t want to cut a hole in your wall only to find that your measurements are inaccurate and your wires don’t quite reach. You will also need to check for existing hidden wires using a wire detector to confirm that the area is safe for drilling. 

Ideally, you want this to be directly beneath the spot where you’d like to mount your television so that threading the wire through is easier - but if it’s a more complex job we’d recommend getting in touch with domestic diamond drilling specialists such as ourselves to help make your interior design dreams come true.

Step Three: Cut the Wire Exit and Entry Points

Moving on to the next step of our task, we focus on cutting the wire exit and entry points for your TV wires. This pivotal step involves using either a small saw, utility knife, or a drill to cut through your wall in two precise locations. This process needs to be done with caution and utmost care, as the points you create will serve as the conduit for your TV wires. 

Remember, safety when doing DIY projects should always come first. It's crucial to wear proper protective equipment such as gloves and eye protection during this process. Wall hole drilling can cause debris and dust, which may harm your eyes if not protected. Loose articles like jewellery should also be removed to ensure they don't get caught when drilling. It may seem like a demanding task, but with careful execution and proper precautions, you're just a few steps away from having a clean, wire-free TV setup.

If you've heard about diamond drilling or wall hole drilling, then this might be the perfect time to put that knowledge into practice. Using a diamond drill bit can make cutting through the tough surface of your wall easier, as it is known for its precision and efficiency. Want to achieve the accurate results of diamond drilling, but not sure about trying it yourself? We offer our domestic drilling and sawing services across the North West, East Midlands and North Wales. Why not get in touch with us today to see how we can help?

Step Four: Thread the Cables Through the Wall

Once you’ve drilled your wire entry and exit points, you can then begin to thread the wires through your wall and your wall plate for your wires. These should be disconnected from your television at this point, and you can reattach these once your TV is mounted on the bracket.

When this is complete, you can then cover the hole with the wall plate to conceal the wire entry point, achieving a tidy finished look. 

Step Five: Hang the Television on the Wall Bracket

Now, all of the tricky bits with the wires are done. Plug all of the top wires into your television before hanging it on the bracket, then plug all of your bottom wires into the socket at the wire entry point. 

Once your television is on the wall, make sure that your connections are working then, kick back, relax and enjoy your new home cinema!

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