Noise Control During Commercial Drilling | What You Need to Know

January 25, 2023

Drilling, clattering, demolition, sawing… Ever found yourself wondering “what’s all this noise about?”. Chances are, most of us have had to listen to the bustling noises of a construction site at some point in our lives, but when it’s impacting local people’s ability to work, sleep and relax it can become a real issue. If you’re planning a commercial concrete drilling project or you’re worried about one affecting your local area, then here’s everything you need to know about noise control. 

Being diamond drilling contractors, we find ourselves working on a range of different projects both domestic and commercial, meaning that we find ourselves travelling from our base in the North West to various locations across the UK. From cities as large and as populated as London to more rural areas such as Cumbria, we’ve found ourselves travelling across the country to offer our concrete cutting, sawing and drilling services. As we’ve got such extensive experience (over fifty years, to be exact!) We know a bit about commercial drilling and noise control, and we’d like to reassure our clients that it doesn’t always have to be completely disruptive.

Why is construction so loud?

From building through to Brokk demolition jobs, unfortunately all construction projects are going to come with some loud noise as workers move around heavy materials and operate machinery. 

However, an element of construction that tends to get a particularly bad reputation is drilling, sawing and cutting of hard materials such as concrete, stone and asphalt - but that needn’t be the case. Drilling through concrete, when done with the proper tools, actually causes minimal disruption to everyone from the local residents to even those working on site. It’s for this reason that we always use the best quality tools such as our diamond-tipped drill bits and track saws.

Priding ourselves on making as minimal dust, noise and vibration as possible with our drilling and sawing techniques, we take particular care to make your concrete cutting project as hassle-free as possible.

Why can loud noise be dangerous to humans?

When people are exposed to loud noises for extensive periods of time, this can have serious consequences such as: hearing damage and loss, tinnitus (ringing in your ears), high blood pressure, heart disease and even mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. However, try not to worry too much about a couple of days’ construction near your home or your workplace, these issues are linked to having continuous close proximity to the noise. 

It’s for this reason that we always prioritise the safety of our team and anyone else working on or near our sites.

Is concrete drilling bad for the environment?

If you’re concerned about the effects loud noises can have on human ears, chances are you’re also worried about wildlife. Whilst construction can be disruptive to wildlife, our diamond drilling and sawing method is precise, efficient and produces low levels of noise and dust. So, whilst your furry friend might not love the action going on around them, you can be assured that when you choose an accredited diamond drilling contractor such as ourselves, you’re causing as minimal disruption to them as possible. 

Want to learn more about the effects of concrete cutting and drilling on the environment? Check out our blog post on concrete recycling to find out more.

How loud is commercial drilling?

Most people associate drilling with extremely loud noise, especially when tough materials such as stone, marble or asphalt are added into the mix. Whilst this can be true, it doesn’t have to be the case. The noise produced all depends on the tools used, so we’d recommend choosing a concrete cutting contractor that uses diamond-tipped tools such as ourselves. 

Whether you’re drilling into metal, brick, concrete or another tough surface, opting for a diamond drilling contractor will mean that you’re keeping the noise levels of your construction project to an absolute minimum. Our Warrington-based team are core drilling specialists who offer services including wall and floor drilling, domestic borehole drilling and smaller projects such as drilling for home fixtures such as tumble dryers, washing machines and dishwashers.

Are diamond drills quieter than others?

If you’re looking for the short answer - it’s yes. Diamonds are the hardest resource available, meaning that they can cut through pretty much any surface with speed, precision and minimal dust and noise with their low-vibration drilling capabilities. This just goes to show that diamonds aren’t just pretty gems, they’re also ideal for cutting and drilling accurate holes in some of the toughest construction materials available, such as concrete and stone. 

The noisier drilling projects tend to be those that use hammer drills, which are louder as they combine a hammering function with drilling to break through tough materials that can cut through masonry materials easily.

How do drilling contractors protect themselves from the noise?

Even though our diamond drills are a quieter choice, our team of specialists still take immense care to protect their hearing with good-quality hearing protection that stops sound waves reaching and damaging the inner ear. These typically look like a large pair of headphones!

Alongside our hearing protection, you’ll also find us wearing the standard high-vis clothing, hard hats, gloves, steel-capped boots, respirator and protective goggles that are essential for our line of work. 

How can I make my drilling quieter?

Is your home drilling project producing excessive amounts of noise? Unfortunately, if you’re using a tool like a hammer drill, or drilling holes in tough materials such as brick, wood or tile, it’s likely that it’s going to be quite a noisy DIY job. It’s also key to make sure that you’re actually using the right drill and drill bit for the job at hand, otherwise you could crack or damage the area you’re drilling into.  

Our team of experts specialise in drilling perfect holes in masonry materials on both a commercial and domestic level. 

Looking for a concrete contractor near you? 

If you’ve got a drilling project in mind, our team of specialist contractors are here to help. Our team’s skill set covers everything from core drilling and wire sawing for large, long term projects to smaller jobs such as domestic drilling for extractor fans and ventilation holes. Get in touch today to arrange your free site visit and quote.